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CIACC Members

Sam Williams, Coordinator, Cumberland County Dept. of Human Services

Antonio Romero, Commissioner Liaison

Donna Pearson, Alt. Commissioner Liaison

Teri Black, Chair, A Step Ahead Programs

Vanessa Wallace, Vice Chair, Oaks Integrated Care

Armand Basualdo, Rutgers Southern Regional CCR&R

Elisabeth Corona, Millville Public Schools

Ginny DeLong, Center for Family Services

Teresa Edwards, DCF Division of Child Protection & Permanency

Adrienne Goldsboro, Inspira Health Network

Amy Kiger, Resources for Independent Living

Angelica Mercado, Community Member

Melissa Niles, Convener, Cumberland County Dept. of Human Services

Elvira Smith, Cumberland County Guidance Center

Matthew Rudd, Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office

Adrian McGriff, Alternate

James Sampson, CGS Family Partnership

Beth Thomas, Cumberland County Dept. of Health

Lauren Snyder, Acenda Integrated Health