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Cumberland County Rails to Trails Project

Begun in October 2009, Cumberland County’s Rails To Trails Feasibility Study involves an analysis of all existing and abandoned rail lines within Cumberland County to determine which could feasibly be converted into trails. Federal and State funding is available to acquire and convert railroad right-of-ways into public trails to accommodate non-vehicular transportation and recreation. This study, completed in the summer of 2010, includes a full inventory and analysis of the rail corridors, a phased implementation plan, and cost estimates for acquisition, design and construction all leading to determinations of true feasibility for the creation of a comprehensive trail system. 

Led by the Rails To Trails Study Committee under the supervision of the County Planning Board, the firm of Campbell Thomas & Company, community and transportation planners, architects and preservationists from Philadelphia, was selected to lead this study. With an interest in including all opinions and interests, Campbell Thomas & Company included several public outreach meetings, walking tours and public committee meetings in order to collect and understand the interests of the public and stakeholder constituents and to build consensus around the recommendations for implementation.

Cumberland County Proposed Trails
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Potential Regional Links
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Final Rails to Trails Feasibility Study
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