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8/17/2011 - County Recycling Information

Residents, businesses, and organizations in Cumberland County have helped make Cumberland County the #1 Recycling County in New Jersey. The most recent available statistics from the New Jersey Department of Environment Protection calculated Cumberland County’s recycling rate at 58.1% for municipal solid waste and at 69.8% total waste stream.

Recycling Protects The Environment

  • The more you recycle, the longer our landfill will last.
  • Recycling reduces air and water pollution and conserves water.
  • Recycling saves energy – recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your television for three hours.

Recycling is easy!! The following is a list of things that CAN and CAN’T be recycled.

Things That Can Be Recycled…

  • Paper - newspaper, office and school paper, unwanted mail, phone books, magazines, catalogs.
  • Aluminum And Steel or Tin Food And Beverage Cans – empty non-hazardous aerosols also.
  • Glass Bottles And Jars.
  • Plastic Bottles - with #1 or #2 on the bottom.

Things That Can't Be Recycled…

  • No Aluminum Foil or Foil Coated Items, Pie Plates.
  • No Plastic Bags, Pails, Trays, Tubs or Lids.
  • No Pots, Pans, Tableware, Corning Ware® types, Tupperware® types.
  • No Plastic Containers #3 and above, Styrofoam or Toys.
  • No Motor Oil, Lubricants, Paint and Pesticide Containers.
  • No Window Glass, Light Bulbs, Ceramics or Vases.
  • No Cardboard Boxes, Food Boxes, Six Pack Holders, Plastic Bags, Brown Paper Bags

Some Tips For Proper Recycling Bottles And Cans…

  • Rinse clean - to conserve water, rinse with leftover dishwater.
  • Throw plastic bags, caps and lids into the garbage containers.
  • Keep glass from breaking.
  • Don’t crush cans.

For more information on recycling programs in Cumberland County, please contact Dennis DeMatte Jr., Cumberland County Recycling Coordinator, at 856-825-3700 or email him at


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