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10/4/2011 - Clean-Up at Veterans’ Cemetery, Hopewell

Contact: Diana M Pitman

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Veterans Affairs & Interment

Press Release

Clean-Up and Maintenance In-Progress at Veterans’ Cemetery, Hopewell Township

The Cumberland County Veterans Affairs and Interment Office acknowledges the need for extensive clean-up after Hurricane Irene and subsequent storms.

Bridgeton, NJ, 03 October 2011:  Director of Veterans Affairs and Interment, Diana M Pitman, wants the people of Cumberland County to know that plans are in progress for clean-up and repair at the Veterans Cemetery, Trench Road, Hopewell Township


Cumberland County has been hit hard with multiple storms over the past several months and there continues to be a need for clean-up and repairs throughout the area.  The Veterans Cemetery is no different and plans are being discussed to not only clean-up the cemetery but to also implement several new projects that will help bring this place of honor and remembrance back to a uniform appearance befitting our Veterans. 


A new sign will be installed that clearly states the rules and regulations of the cemetery including the proper guidelines for flowers and/or decorative displays. The Veterans Commission has been discussing the formation of regular volunteer and/or community service details that will be assigned to do a sweep of the entire cemetery for miscellaneous clean-up once a month.  Additionally, the Boy Scouts are involved with the Veterans Commission to complete Eagle Scout projects that will provide 4 permanent benches at designated points along the driveway.


Pitman stated; “The county maintenance crews are extremely busy with storm damage repair throughout the county including the cemetery, so we (the Veterans Commission) are happy to put our heads together and come up with innovative ways in which to achieve our goals while easing some of the burden on the maintenance department.  We ask that everyone continue to be patient as we work out the logistics of our plans and keep our fingers crossed for some dry weather finally!” 


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