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5/21/2012 - LOGIN System Will Improve Library Resources

In a collaborative effort Cumberland County Freeholders have researched and discussed new ways to help and improve the libraries here in Cumberland County, while making inroads to a more fiscally responsible system.  “For more than a year Cumberland County has been researching ways for our libraries to save money and still provide good service, like changing to the new LOGIN system that neighboring Gloucester County uses.  It’s a larger system and it will actually cost the county less money in the long run”, said Cumberland County Administrator Ken Mecouch.  The new LOGIN system has more than five times the resources that the CLUES system our Cumberland County libraries are currently using today”, said Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein.


In the past, the five libraries here in Cumberland County have all used an electronic book catalog system called: CLUES.  With the CLUES system, the Bridgeton Library, Cumberland County College Library, Cumberland County Library, Millville Library, and the Vineland Library, all had access to the same system and could share books between the five different libraries in Cumberland County.  However, under the current CLUES system, you’re limited to just the inventory of the five local libraries here in Cumberland County.  “Using the new LOGIN system that Gloucester County has, we will be in a much larger system with greater resources.  The new LOGIN system currently has more than thirty different libraries involved”, said Cumberland County Freeholder Tony Surace.


Cumberland County Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein said, “The County has looked at this for some time now and it is preparing to migrate to the new LOGIN system at the Cumberland County Library.  The LOGIN system has been in service for years in other counties and it has proven to be a reliable system with greater resources, plus switching to the new LOGIN system will save the county taxpayers about $60,000.00 per year.  To further support the Bridgeton, Millville and Vineland Libraries, the county is willing to pay the difference in fees between the LOGIN and the CLUES system for this year, plus the county will pay for the records migration expenses, and the County will even continue to provide equipment and technical services for the remainder of this year.”


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