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6/22/2012 - Expanded Parking at Courthouse




Freeholders voted unanimously on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 to approve a sub-lease agreement under resolution #2012-314 for the use of the parking lot located at Vine Street & Water Street in Bridgeton.  The parking lot, which was recently paved and holds approximately 80 cars, is owned by H.H. Hankins & Bros.  “The additional parking is welcome relief to anyone who works at the county courthouse or serves on jury duty, especially while the Vine Street School project is underway and parking near the courthouse is limited”, said Freeholder Sam Fiocchi, Chairman of the Public Property Committee.


H.H. Hankins & Bros. is Cumberland County’s oldest building material and supply store.  It’s located just across from the Cumberland County Jail on Atlantic Street; and has been in business for over 111 years and built structures like the Cumberland County Courthouse, Cohansey Hotel, and the Seabrook School.  The Water Street parking lot is located directly behind H.H. Hankins & Bros. at Vine & Water Streets in Bridgeton.  The lot will be available starting July 1st, 2012.  “When the Freeholders came to ask about the parking lot, we told them we were happy to be help.  The entire parking lot was just recently repaved, and it’s conveniently located near the courthouse”, said Bruce Hankins an owner at H.H. Hankins & Bros.


The county has been running busses to provide Shuttle Service for employees and jurors at the courthouse.  The last day for the County Courthouse Shuttle Service will be Friday, July 6th 2012.  With the use of the Water Street parking lot, employees and jurors will be able to park near the courthouse where it’s more convenient.  Also, there’s court house parking available in the parking lot located at 99 West Broad Street.


 “This will save the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars and it expands parking for anyone who uses the courthouse.  The rate for the parking lot is only $3,200.00 per month for 5 months, verses about $7,600.00 per month for the shuttle service.  We’re saving the County Taxpayers about $34,000.00”, said Cumberland County Freeholder Deputy Director Tom Sheppard who is Chairman of the County Finance Committee.



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