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6/26/2012 - Roads Opened




Upper Deerfield & Upper Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ – After intense thunderstorms hit the area causing power outages for thousands and leaving downed trees & utility poles blocking roadways, county officials are happy to report that the Cumberland County Dept. of Public Works has cleared the last road and officially opened it this evening.


Working right up until the last minute of their day, county road crews cut up and removed the last of the downed trees and large debris that was left in the wake of Friday night’s storms.  Storms, which hit the Upper Deerfield and Upper Hopewell townships, left many roads impassable or unsafe for travel due to downed utility wires, pole, trees or debris.  “County Engineers and the County Dept. of Public Works continued to work tirelessly thru the weekend to clear debris left behind from the storms and they made great progress each day, we’re very proud of the work they’ve done”, said Cumberland County Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein.


Today, the County Dept. of Public Works continued their work and they actually cleared debris from the last road that was closed because of the storms.  Tonight, Seeley Road (CR 612) in Upper Deerfield Twp. was cleared and reopened by the County Dept. of Public Works.  Cheer and applause were heard throughout the office, when the call came in tonight that the road was cleared and re-opened.  “Some residents have been stuck without electricity and not able to get out of their driveway since Friday nights storms.  We’re thrilled to get these roads cleared for them and to have the electricity back on”, said Freeholder Tony Surace, Chairman of the Public Works Committee.  There’s still some smaller debris in some of these areas, and county road crews will continue to work on cleaning and cleaning up these areas thru the week.


The only roads in the area that are still closed are those that were affected by the storms that hit the area earlier this month.  On June 12th, 2012 heavy rain storms caused localized flooding that eroded the roadways and road-bed on Parsonage Road (CR 630 and Tices Lane (CR 730).  Those two roads are still closed and scheduled for repairs which should start Friday of this week, or possibly early next week. Both Parsonage Road and Tices Lane are expected to be fully repaired and re-opened in approximately six weeks.


Cumberland County Officials have updated the road closures, and re-opened several roads.  Please see the complete list below for the updates:


1) Seeley Road (CR 612) between Center District Road (CR 663) and Cake Road is now cleared and is now *OPEN*.


 2) John Dare Road (CR 726) between Columbia Hwy. (CR 726) and Seeley Cohansey Road (CR 723) is *OPEN*.

3) Foster Road (CR 630) between Parsonage Road (CR 743) and Finley Road (CR 617) is now *OPEN*.

4) Parsonage Road (CR 630) in Upper Deerfield Township is also still CLOSED. Repairs to the North Bound Lane, which was seriously damaged in a storm on June 12th, 2012 from heavy rain fall and localized flooding, will begin over the next few days and are expected to be completed within six weeks.

5) Tices Lane (CR 730) in Upper Deerfield Township is also still CLOSED. It was damaged during a storm on June 12th, 2012 from heavy rain fall and localized flooding. Repairs are scheduled to begin by the end of the week, or possibly early next week, and are expected to be completed within six weeks .

Cumberland County Department of Public Works has put up Barricades to Close Roads that are under repair, and they ask that you don’t move the barricades or access those areas until the repairs are complete.


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