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7/10/2012 - Electrical Power Recovery Continues


Cumberland County – Continues to recover from last week’s storm. Some are still without electrical power, and many are still clearing downed trees and debris from their property. The storm, which left many parts of the county crippled and without power, has become a major clean-up and recovery project. The county and the different municipalities have already begun the clean-up and they are making progress. County residents have also begun cleaning up their yards and driveways and piling debris curbside for pickup.

Utility companies like Atlantic Electric, Verizon and Vineland Municipal Electric Utility also continue working to clean debris and restore electrical power to residents. Atlantic Electric reports that only about 5 customers in Cumberland County are still without power. Vineland Municipal Electric Utility continues to make great strides to restore power to their customers also. Accurate outage numbers were not available from VMEU at the time of this writing.

Vineland Electric will be working in the following areas:

SW Blvd. (South of Grant)
Sherman Ave.
Union Rd. (South of Genoa)
Clover Ave. (East of Holmes)
Magnolia Rd. (West of Holmes)
Maple Ave. (East of Brewster Rd. to Lincoln Ave.)
Garden Rd. (North)
Vineland Hills
Union Rd. & Ascher Road area (Panther Rd. East)
Brookfield Ct. (West Vineland)

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility is also now working on individual and isolated outages also.

The Vineland City Road Department is asking residents to notify them of any branches or tree limbs that are hanging over the roadway by calling them at: (856) 794-4250.

Vineland City Residents can take large sections of tree and tree branches to the following locations:

1) Mill Road Composting Facility
2) Union Road Composting Facility
3) The parking lot between the little league field and the railroad tracks at Landis Park.

No stumps will be accepted at any of these facilities at this time.

Please, keep large sections of the trees separate from tree branches and brush.

All Vineland City residents currently without electricity are asked to call the Vineland Municipal Electric Utility at: 856-794-4280 to report the outage. We want to assure that every homes electric service is restored.

“Please use caution when driving on streets and roads, and be especially careful when walking on sidewalks, etc. There’s still a lot of trees and debris out there and residents need to be extra careful until we can get everything cleaned up and back to normal”, said Cumberland County Freeholder Tony Surace, Chairman of the Public Works Committee.

Use caution when cleaning up trees, limbs, and debris. When clearing debris, remember to always keep roadways clear for passage of emergency vehicles and general traffic. Also, please do not obstruct storm drains, and remember to keep the sight triangle clear for traffic safety. The sight triangle is the area at a street or driveway intersection that must remain clear so not to obstruct the view. This allows a driver approaching an intersection to better observe the actions of the vehicles approaching to their right or left, allowing the driver to clearly see and enter the intersection safely.


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