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7/16/2012 - County Freeholders Adopt 2012 Budget

Cumberland County Freeholders Adopt 2012 Budget


CUMBERLAND COUNTY - Tuesday, July 17th, 2012 during the regular Freeholder work-session meeting at the Cumberland County Administration Building the Freeholder Board adopted the 2012 County Budget.   Additionally, Cumberland County Freeholders adopted resolution 2012-379 concerning the recent storm that hit our region and the county clean-up that’s still underway with the CCIA for the removal of the debris.



In a four to three vote the 2012 Cumberland County Budget was adopted by the Cumberland County Freeholders.  The Freeholder majority said they supported the 2012 Budget which had no tax increase and used monies from county surplus, was a success as it held the line on taxes. 



The 2012 budget totals $126,475,150.02 and was approved by the State prior to the county Freeholders passing it.  “The new budget is more than $11 million less than last year’s budget”, said Freeholder Deputy Director Tom Sheppard, a member of the County Finance Committee.  The County Freeholder Board is holding the line on the county budget and county taxes, by using approximately $7.5 million of the county’s surplus to fill the void created by a decline in income by eroding ratables.  Contrary to last year’s tax increase from 86.48 cents to 91.28 cents on every $100 of assessed value, this year the Freeholders are anticipating what could be up to a 1 cent reduction in the tax rate, when the tax board strikes the new rate in August.  The current tax rate of 91.28 cents per every $100 of assessed value is expected to drop to about 89.58 cents in August of 2012.  The county expects to collect $82,938,491 in taxes, plus have an anticipated income of $36,028,029.02 together with the $7,500,762.00 from surplus will generate the budget total of $126,467,282.02.



The 2012 budget also shows a reduction of county employees, from 960 full time employees, to just 762.  The sale of the Cumberland Manor was a large part of the reduction in the county’s payroll.  Additionally, the sale of the Manor will generate $14 million dollars, and that will help replenish the county’s surplus.



Cumberland County Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication during the recent storm and recovery projects; and especially thanked everyone who worked for the Office of Emergency Management, the Department of Public Works, and all of the other County Departments and hardworking employees for their dedication during the recent storms and recovery projects. 



Deputy Freeholder Director Tom Sheppard added similar sentiments as well as addressing the new budget, by thanking everyone for their dedication and hard work; even acknowledging some who were in the room as well as saying how proud he was of the work everyone had done with the new budget.  “We kept our promise to hold the line on county taxes.  A lot of time and effort went into this new budget and I’m proud to say we were able to hold taxes without sacrificing county services.  I’m also very proud of everyone for doing such a great job during the recent storms; the county employees really did a tremendous job for our residents.”


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