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7/17/2012 - Volunteers Coming to Cumberland County



CUMBERLAND COUNTY – Starting Saturday, July 21st, 2012 volunteers are coming to help disabled, handicapped, and elderly county residents clean up their yard from debris left over from the recent Super Derecho Wind Storms that hit our area.  “There will be about seven volunteers in each team, and approximately ten teams in all.  The members are volunteers from the Mormon Helping Hands, the Church of Christ Latter Day Saints, and the United Methodist Church.  All of which are members of the NJ Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster” (NJ-VOAD) which is helping to coordinate this endeavor”, said Cathy McCann President of New Jersey Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NJ-VOAD).   Most residents have already started cleaning up their yards and county road crews have been cutting up and removing fallen trees, brush, and debris.  Piles of brush, ready for pick up, can be seen curbside in front of homes and along streets and roads throughout the region.  However, if you are elderly or disabled and you would like some help getting your yard cleaned up, there may be someone to help.


Volunteers are coming with hopes of helping elderly and disabled residents who need help cleaning up their yards of trees and debris left behind from the recent thunderstorms which hit the Cumberland County region on Saturday, June 30th 2012.


If you have a disability, or if you’re elderly, and you need help cleaning up your yard, you may be able to get some help by calling 211 and answering a few questions.  You will need to provide some information, including your address, etc. when you call; you may be able to get some volunteers to help you.


If you qualify, the volunteer teams may be able to help.  They have chain-saws and work gloves, etc. and if they can get to you they will do what they can to help you clean up your yard.  These are not professional tree trimmers.  “These volunteers are truly just good honorable people who want to help the handicapped, disabled and the elderly clean up their yards”, said Cumberland County Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein.   So, if you’re disabled or elderly and you would like some help cleaning up your yard of debris from the recent storm, you are urged to call 211 today.  Volunteers will continue to help residents of Cumberland County during Saturday’s & Sunday’s (only) over the next five weeks.


The Cumberland County Department of Public Works will continue to pick up and remove brush and debris for residents that live on county roads, so long as they pile the branches and debris curbside for pickup.


Vineland City residents are asked to notify officials if they see branches or tree limbs that are still hanging over roadways or resting on power wires, by calling them: (856) 794-4250.


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