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10/27/2012 - Preparing for Hurricane Sandy. Shelters Open.
CUMBERLAND COUNTY – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency for our region and ordered the evacuation of the state’s barrier islands from Sandy Hook to Cape May by 4pm today.  The state suspended tolls on the Garden State Parkway northbound as far as the Driscoll Bridge and westbound on the Atlantic City Expressway.  In Cumberland County Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein has declared a state of emergency for the entire county.  The Office of Emergency Management has been actively working with the Red Cross to set up shelters for residents who lose electrical power.  In addition to evacuation of the state’s barrier islands, evacuation of low lying areas here in Cumberland County is strongly recommended.  Evacuation is strongly recommended for county residents along the Delaware Bay, Greenwich, Fairfield, South West of Route 553 in Lawrence, Downe and Commercial Townships, as well as residents that live South West of Route 47 in Maurice River Township, South of Bricksboro.
Cumberland County and Municipal Officials have been actively working with the Red Cross and they’re preparing to open several shelters for residents in case they lose electrical power.  The shelters will be open today at 4 pm.  To avoid overcrowding at the shelters, residents are urged to seek shelter with family and friends first before using the shelters.  Residents who need transportation to the shelters should call: 856-455-8770 to make arrangements.  Shelters in Cumberland County are at the following locations:
  1. Cumberland County College
3322 College Dr.
Vineland, NJ 08360
(856) 691-8600
  1. Buckshutem Road School
550 Buckshutem Rd.
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
(856) 455-8030
  1. Cumberland County Technical Education Center (Vo-Tech)
601 County Road 666
Bridgeton, NJ 08302
(856) 451-9000
The Cumberland County Technical Education Center (Vo-Tech) is the only shelter that is “pet friendly”.  This is the only shelter that is animal friendly where both residents and their pets will be welcome.  No animals are permitted at the other shelters.
Residents who plan to use the shelters are asked to bring their pillows, blankets, medication and necessity’s (for 3 to 5 days), with them.  Residents can also bring their cell phone chargers to recharge their cell-phones at the shelters, as all of the shelters have generators and should continue to have electricity.
“Strong winds, heavy rain, local flooding as well as coastal/tidal flooding, and power outages can be expected during a storm like this and residents should make preparations now.  County Officials are making preparations to open shelters, sandbag certain government buildings, and prepare for flooding, power outages and debris that’s expected with a storm like this”, said Freeholder Director Carl Kirstein.  Residents should make sure they have plenty of bottled water and dry food available.  Check to be sure you have your prescriptions filled and have prescription medications, baby supplies and any additional items for special medical needs ready to go in case you need to use a shelter.  Fill your car up with gasoline now and make sure you have a good flashlight and batteries that work.  Keep your cell-phone, iPad and lap-top charged, and know where your car charger is for your electronic devices so you can charge your cell-phone, etc. with your car if you lose electrical power in your home.  Realize that cellular service may be affected by the storm, so if you try to make a call and your call doesn’t go thru, wait a few minutes and try again.  Also, have emergency contact numbers easily accessible in case you need them


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