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9/16/2015 - County Recognizes American Littoral Society

County Recognizes American Littoral Society

 For Delaware Bay Restoration Project


            Cumberland County Freeholder Director Joe Derella is very excited to announce that the American Littoral Society will attend the September 22, 2015 Freeholder Meeting to share information and update the Board on the Horseshoe Crab and Beach Restoration Project.  Derella said that the Project is under the leadership of the Littoral Society’s Delaware Bayshore Program Director Renee Brecht.

            The American Littoral Society anticipates spending approximately $1.3 Million in Cumberland County.

 They plan to restore Dyer’s Cove Beach in Downe Township, create three more oyster reefs, restore five acres of salt marsh in Thompson’s Beach and complete designs for Egg Island and Cox Meadow.  This work is critical to protect our Bayshore.

            Derella said local contractors are also being used for most of the work.  Not only is the American Littoral Society helping to restore our storm ravaged shore along the Delaware Bay, but they are also fueling our local economy.  By rebuilding the ecology, they are also rebuilding our economy.

            Derella said that he was even more encouraged about the program when he learned that the Littoral Society also included a targeted component for a Veteran Engagement Program.  The Program has budgeted $20,000 that will be spent on Veteran Interns.  Tasks such as horseshoe crab tagging, beach stewardship, sand movement monitoring, oyster reef construction and monitoring are all aspects of the program that will be performed by interns and volunteers. 

            Grant funds for this Program were obtained by the American Littoral Society through the United States Department of Interior as well as the National Wildlife Foundation.  The Director said that he looks forward to hearing more about the program during the Board’s September 22, 2015 meeting at 6:00PM located at 164 West Broad Street, Bridgeton, NJ.


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