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8/18/2016 - Projects and Improvements at the Cumberland County Veterans Cemetery

Cumberland County
Department of Veterans Affairs
c/o CWED on the CCC Campus
3322 College Drive, Office #228
PO Box 1500
Vineland, NJ 08362-1500

Diana M. Pitman, BSN, RN, VSO
Office: (856) 238-6800
Director Fax: (856) 238-6813

The Cumberland County Veterans’ Cemetery would like to make the public aware of several projects and improvements that have been completed, or will be shortly, underway.

The Cemetery is now monitored by surveillance cameras 24 hours a day. The addition of these cameras and the capabilities of digitally capturing any activity of a questionable or criminal nature has already assisted personnel and law enforcement in preventing unwanted behavior on the grounds.

Missing letters from a wall monument at the circle will be replaced on both sides with a new style sign that will be more durable over time.

In an effort to enhance, both the aesthetics and functionality for this final resting place of our County Veterans, curbing and drainage will be installed along the roadways leading in and out of the grounds. It will go approximately a quarter of the way around the circle to allow for walkways and other curbing needs as expansion of projects on the grounds dictate. Drainage will eliminate problems with water pooling in the grass, and curbing will prevent driving on the grass. In turn damage to the grass and underlying soil will be mitigated. There will be several access points in the curbing for wheelchair access. Work should be underway in the next couple of weeks.

Currently all grave markers at the Cemetery are flat plaques mounted on flat cement foundations at ground level. The markers will remain the same but the cement foundations will be improved. They will sit above the ground approximately 4 inches and will be on a slight angle in order to allow water to flow off the plaques naturally. Additionally there are three pre-installed holes at the top edge of the foundation. These holes are intended to hold two cones and will allow the flag to be inserted also during approved times. These changes will assist in keeping the Cemetery uniform and in compliance with the rules and regulations of the grounds, which can be found posted on two signs located within the Cemetery.

All new grave markers will be mounted using the new cement foundations. Plans to replace all of the original foundations are underway and will be completed in a progressive manner. This is a major undertaking that will be done methodically and in sections over time. This means that there will be some inconsistencies with the look of the cemetery as the transition is made to the new foundations. There may be instances where a newly interred Veteran or spouse has a new foundation next to their loved one who has the original type. We will make the change to the loved one’s foundation within a reasonable time frame to preserve consistency. Our goal is to make the changes in a section by section manner in order to provide as little inconsistency as possible throughout the grounds.

Freeholder Liaison Carman Daddario stated “these changes are part of an on-going effort to provide a final resting place for our Veterans that truly reflects the honor and compassion we feel for them and their military service to our Country and County.”

If you have any questions or would like information about the Cumberland County Veterans’ Cemetery, please contact the County Department of Veterans Affairs at 856-238-6800.



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