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4/8/2020 - Millville High School Engineering Teacher Helping the Community

As we navigate through this tough time with the COVID-19 pandemic many people are asking what can they do to help. So many of our healthcare workers and first responders are reporting to work every day hoping that they will have the equipment needed to keep themselves safe as well as the safety of others. It is also important that we not forget all of the support services that are still reporting every day to work to make sure schools and businesses are still operational. Millville Public Schools have already donated supplies needed to community agencies in need and will support in any way possible moving forward.

Millville High School Engineering teacher Gerald Bruman knew that he had the knowledge and ability to help more. The need for masks is overwhelming and through the use of 3D printers Mr. Bruman knew that this could be a way to help the community. After careful planning, and a lot of moving of equipment the mobile lab was created. By using the Millville Public Schools Stem trailer along with printers from the High School, several printers could be set up to begin production. Now with 10 printers working throughout the day and night Mr. Bruman is producing about 25 masks per day.

None of this would be possible without the design file from the Rowan University Engineering Department. This file was shared with the public which allowed Mr. Bruman to recreate the masks. Another file was acquired providing the design for ear guards in an effort to prevent ear irritation from the elastic straps.

None of this would be possible without collaboration to help those in need. A special thanks to Rowan University, Millville High School and especially David Johnson, VP of patient services/innovation center for Inspira. Several donations have come from the district staff in order to continue production. If you, or someone you know would like to help, a wish list was created on Amazon that will ship directly to Mr. Bruman to support his efforts. Please consider donating to this wonderful cause by clicking the following link:

Millville High School Engineering teacher, Mr. Gerald Bruman, with one of the 3D printers.

Some of the 3D printers that are being used to produce the masks.

Millville High School's STEM trailer that was outfitted with the high school's 3D printers to produce masks.

A variety of the masks produced by Mr. Bruman.


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