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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NEW JERSEY (January 25, 2021) According to Joseph Derella, Director of the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, the New Jersey Department of Health will launch a professionally staffed call center to assist those who either do not have computer access or are unable to navigate the online COVID-19 vaccine registration process without assistance. Beginning January 25th, NJ residents can call 1-855-568-0545 for vaccine registration assistance. Derella stated, “I have heard the frustrations of many of our Cumberland County residents, particularly our seniors, who lack computer access or sufficient computer skills to register for COVID vaccines through the State’s online registration system.” Derella declared, “We have been voicing these concerns during our regular discussions with state officials and advocated for the ability of our residents to access telephone assistance.”

Derella indicates, “I expect that the Department of Health’s call center will experience very high call volume, particularly early in the week. In the meantime, we are doing everything we can to assist those seeking to register for appointments.” Derella indicates that the County Commissioners share the frustration many have experienced with the pace of vaccinations stating, “All of us have family and friends who should be receiving vaccinations as soon as possible due to their occupations, age or health conditions, but there are simply not enough vaccine supply to meet the need at this time.” Derella explained, “The Federal Government controls the distribution of vaccines to the states as well as direct distribution to Walgreens and CVS.” Derella added, “We are in continuous contact with state health officials to ensure the vaccination centers operated by the Cumberland County Department of Health, The Vineland Department of Health and Inspira Health receive as many vaccinations as possible given the limited supply.”


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