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8/9/2021 - United by Wellness - Mental Health Association in New Jersey - CC Dept of Human Services
“The Mental Health Association in New Jersey is providing a new virtual wellness center that offers no-cost groups and workshops statewide to individuals interested in day-to-day wellness, support for substance use disorder and strategies for improving mental health.

United by Wellness may be accessed online or by call-in. More than 45 groups and workshops are offered daily, including weekends. Among the variety of groups are Healthy Habits, Meditation, LGBTQ, Young Adult, Anxiety and Depression Support Groups, Grief and Covid, Too Much Stuff, Virtual Job Interviews, Peer Support Career Information, and Grief Recovery.

Groups are organized into “four communities” for like-minded people with similar goals, but participants are not limited to a specific track. The communities are general well-being; coping skills; co-occurring mental health and substance use; and a community for those with a disorder who are seeking employment.

Staff who provide services are culturally diverse, certified peer specialists, including some who are bilingual and facilitating groups in Spanish. For more information call 609652 Dash 3800, EXT. 303, or visit”


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