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10/14/2021 - Cumberland County Opens New Public Works Fueling Facilities

CUMBERLAND COUNTY, NEW JERSEY (October 13, 2021) The Cumberland County Department of Public Works has replaced its obsolete fueling facilities located at their Bridgeton and Vineland Public Works Yards with state of the art facilities that will increase safety and efficiency while being more environmentally friendly. The new facilities will each have two 10,000 gallon above ground double steel wall storage tanks, one for diesel fuel and one for gasoline.

Darlene Barber, Deputy Director and Commissioner Co-Liaison to the Public Works Department described the new facilities as “much needed upgrades” stating, “The facilities allow for the fueling of four vehicles at a time on an ADA compliant concrete padding designed to handle large loads and control spills.” Barber added, “The fuel monitoring systems at these secure gated facilities give us the ability to closely monitor fuel usage by vehicle and operator.”

Commissioner Co-Liaison Carol Musso is particularly impressed with the safety improvements at the new facilities stating, “The fuel dispensing area will be housed under a 66 square foot canopy that will reduce the risk of falls on wet surfaces.” Musso also indicated, “The LED lighting at the fueling facilities is not only brighter but more energy efficient.”

The County’s fuel facilities are also used by the City of Bridgeton and 6 other municipalities in the county as part of the many shared services agreements the county offers. Deputy Director Barber stated, “These shared services agreements save our residents many thousands of dollars a year in costs associated with fueling municipal vehicles for municipal public works, school transportation and emergency services.”

The Vineland Fuel Station is located at the County Public Works/CATS Yard on Sherman Avenue near the Rt. 55 interchange while the Bridgeton facility is located on Buckshutem Road.