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3/1/2024 - National Weights and Measures Week

Cumberland County would like to thank Inspectors Scott, Travis, and Adam of the Office of Weights and Measures for their commitment to protecting consumers.


March 2nd, 1799, President John Adams signed the first U.S. Weights and Measures legislation into law.

The New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures represents one of New Jersey's oldest efforts in consumer protection. Created in 1911 by Governor Woodrow Wilson, the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures is responsible for ensuring that all commercial weighing and measuring devices are tested and inspected for accuracy and meet federal guidelines for specifications and tolerances. All county offices of Weights and Measures are governed by the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures.

scalesCumberland County Weights and Measures officers are responsible for the inspection of all weighing, measuring, and timing devices used in commercial (monetary) transactions. Some of the devices commonly used in day-to-day transactions are deli scales, supermarket scales, tanning beds (timing devices), laundromat dryers (timing devices), fuel meter pumps (gas station inspections), fuel/oil metered delivery trucks, coin counting machines, taxicab meters, pill counters, precious metals scales, propane scales, cannabis scales, some medical scales, and much more! Besides the devices that products are sold over, Weights and Measures also performs specialized inspections such as price verification audits in stores to check for price accuracy from shelf to checkout, package reweighs to ensure the net contents are accurate (shrinkflation), correct package labeling, credit card skimming device detection, and octane analysis.

Cumberland County Weights and Measures officers take pride in making sure our residents and business owners are protected in daily monetary business transactions for goods and services. Within the laws of Weights and Measures, our department writes violations/fines and appears in court if necessary to ensure enforcement.

In the most recent findings of the Weights and Measures Department, it was found that the use of credit card skimming devices is on the rise in the Tri-State area, including Cumberland County. Please see the attached memo for more information and safe practices.


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